And while an […] Hair loss is a scary yet real issue.Columbia University researcher, Angela Christiano, is trying to tackle hair loss with her two startups.

Christiano, who has a hair-loss condition […] Have you seen this video of a boyfriend ranting to his girlfriend about her makeup habits? Perhaps the most common piercing point is at the ear lobes.

Just watch: He’s humorous, but let’s get a few things straight: 1. Ear piercings and other face piercings are probably the most visible to the public eye, and then there are other body piercings that you can hide (or show off) with clothing.

But have you seen the recent piercing-inspired clothing trend online?

[…] For as long as I can remember, I’ve been called chubby, big or fat. #Go USA❗️ #Team USA❗️ #Final Five❗️ ????????????????????????????????????????

My family members would tell me that as a baby, my arms and legs were comparable to lotus roots. In my family, I was pretty much one of the chubbiest girls. But if you purchase items via the web often, you’ll understand there are just some struggles that are way too real and all too much of a first-world problem. Tabs that go on for ages […] We had some really interesting responses to our article on cornrows. Some people responded with, “I’ll wear my hair however I want,” while others went with “Well, that wouldn’t have offended me,” to “Well, I’m unfollowing because this is ridiculous.” The most interesting was, “I thought this […] By now you’ve probably heard all about how Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas didn’t have her hand over her heart during the national anthem at the medal ceremony on Tuesday. FZx YOWb — Gabrielle Douglas (@gabrielledoug) August 10, 2016 She didn’t offer an explanation […] You get out of the shower and you have to dry your hair. I’d like to think that most people squeeze the excess water out of their locks with a towel and/or a cotton T-shirt.

I had always been that […] Hey, you online shoppers. Then I assume you’d either use a hair dryer or let your hair air dry.Or my […] Tracee Ellis Ross, Samantha Bee, Niecy Nash and handful of actresses got together with People Magazine to answer the question: why aren’t men funny?Social media is one of those really powerful things that has impacted the curve community; I won’t be bashing a tool that has united so many women.I do think with its increased popularity, there’s only so much people can take when comparing themselves to others and constantly being put under pressure to look perfect.[…] On Thursday night, Simone Manuel made history as the first African-American woman to win gold in an individual swimming race ever.But as I waited anxiously for her gold medal ceremony, NBC quickly shuffled to other races that were going on and severely delayed her medal ceremony for almost an hour later.