Count them, we got 10 dating sites now online catering to Caribbean nationals.

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You’ll be running to find your own white label dating software, spend a night thinking up a wicked domain name and launching your own dating site.

Knock yourself out; just make sure you have a couple hundred US Dollars to market the site.

The answer to this question may always be subjective, as we always praise whatever we have a great experience with.

All this got me asking just how many Caribbean dating sites are there and do we have a growth industry on our hands here in the region and from the numbers,yep it certainly looks that way.

But who will be the number one site, that site that’s like Yahoo or for the Caribbean? which has a basic free registration but to fully interact with other singles the membership fee begins at US$19.95 a month.

So if most of the sites are offering a completely free dating service, how do they make money?Simple by adding Google Adsense to their sites and earning money from the traffic, the amount of people who click on the ads. Again, go Google plentyoffish and read their business story.I did a story a while back about now being the largest singles site in the Caribbean with over 20,000 active singles.Well because of that we heard that has more, but since they are a social network and not a dating site we disregarded.We also heard from the owner of who challenged claim and then whoaaa a mini banter about alleged spam based marketing techniques then followed.It was interested in the comments section there for a while.