All that remains is a reference to her having smoked something similar to incense ...which would not have caused her to go into convulsions, feel like she was burning up, and become unconscious.The questions now concerning Demi Moore are: 1) has this close call in January 2012 prevented her from succumbing to the "More" influence this year in 2013?

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I am still a serious journalist."Of course, whilst on the subject of television presenters in the UK, the sexiest one of all, in my view, is probably Cat Deeley, who, at age 36, is only one year younger than Dando was when she was murdered. She began her modelling career when she was only 14.

Thus, she could also end up a UK victim of the Jill Dando prediction.

The Jill Dando influence was passed over without incident in 2006 and this makes the 14th anniversary far more likely to witness a repetition ...

we felt its influence and have an idea of one person who may yet again be affected.

That person, who I listed as a potential future candidate for a tragic death in my 1999 introduction of the More sound above, was actress Reliable sources indicated that Ms.

Moore had overdosed on a mixture of drugs, one of them nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

All evidence of that drug and references to other drugs she had did during the 911 call tape were redacted (erased and replaced by an obnoxious sound similar to a flatline warning or code blue warning).

A man with a history of stalking women who lived nearby, Barry George, was arrested, charged, and later convicted of her murder and sent to prison for life. He appealed successfully in 2007 and was retried and acquitted in 2008.

Dando's murder remains unsolved, with many various conspiracy theories attempting to explain why she was killed.

Jill Dando was an attractive blonde and age 37 at the time of her murder.

Indeed, one of her memorable quotes mentions her hair being blonde: "Just because I've got blonde hair and haven't been to Bosnia doesn't mean I'm a bimbo.