user script (which could launch a custom update client, or run a simple "wget" on a provider's update URL).The ddns-start script is passed the WAN IP as an argument.Note that your custom script is responsible for notifying the firmware on the success or failure of the process.

I have tried both but neither gives any feedback whether they actually update your ip, it just says "connecting..." -- "disconnect".

I know for sure it fails with dyndns, because I lost a domain name to inactivity, with fully configured login/"enable" checkbox just does not want to stay set, I don't know if it's supposed to do that or what, but after I update the config it always unchecks itself and grays out the fields again.

looks as if it's just there to update the info, but apparently does nothing. Therefore I do not know if it will update the actual IP address yet.

I also have a DYn DNS account and when I setup this up it works and reboots and says staus = connect.

Do I need to force an IP change and see what happens or does Staus = disconnect mean it is not working?

I started a topic few threads down for the same problem, with

I don't think this feature is fully/properly implemented yet, or only works with their own

I have a dynamic IP and when it changes I need these updates to be sent to Open DNS.

However, One feature I am trying to use is confusing me. I have an Open DNS account to setup parental control over the network.

I know they have a client that can do this but I want the router to do the updates directly.

When I setup DDNS with Server address ""Host= ""and then my login and password it reboots and says staus = disconnect.. I have also tried to setup OPen DNS by typing the proper address in the server field and this also says disconnect.