Get the deets, thanks to Gelila's sister, inside...Is it a new baby boy for 45-year-old media mogul Tyler Perry and his 28-year-old girlfriend Geilila?

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The photo, which unfortunately has since been deleted, was posted by Instagram user Pietro Mourao.

It featured Pietro sitting next to Gelila at a table, both of them smiling happy.

In the comments, Pietro explained that Gelila was his “new friend from NYC” who was “7 months pregnant” with a “baby boy.” Of course, someone managed to screen cap the photo and it’s comments before it was deleted, so you can see it by clicking HERE. Do you think Tyler and Gelila will get engaged now that they are expecting?

Tyler Perry has a new girlfriend, and he is showing off his young tender-roni.

Tyler Perry brought his Ethiopian Model, Gelil Bekele to the LA red carpet premiere for his film “Why Did I Get Married? She is much younger than him, but in several interview (Oprah/Regis) he spoke very highly of his new leading lady.

Gelila Bekele is originally from Ethiopia and is currently modeling in NY. Now everyone can put he GAY RUMORS about Tyler Perry to Rest! The same report claims that Gelila is already “seven or eight months pregnant.” Wow, way to keep a secret!Comment below with your thoughts on their baby news!His father beat him regularly and molested one of his friends.He attempted suicide as a child to avoid his father's attacks. In 2014, he began dating Gelila Bekele and he became a father when Gelila gave birth to a son named Aman in December 2014.It looks like Tyler Perry and girlfriend Gelila Bekele MAY have welcomed their brand new baby, which may be a boy.