Really, the whole episode was a love letter to the series. But still, we got several long speeches about how great Audrey is. And don't get me wrong, they were very touching and heartfelt speeches. Overall, Lucas Bryant had to do most of the heavy lifting. Yes, we knew they weren't going to exclude Eric Balfour from the series finale. Whether it was Dwight glaring at Croatoan after his blithe "See how great attracting bullets to your heart is!

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As I predicted, Croatoan got a mildly heroic ending. Against the natural force that is Big Bill Shatner, that's the best you can hope for. Until the Gloria/Dwight spinoff I've been wishing for... Laverne finally makes an onscreen appearance, still played by supervising producer Stefani Deoul. It was touching and all, and yes, it gave Emily Rose a chance to shine once again.

Not very, because really there was no redeeming the character after all of the death and destruction and lying he had done. But instead of answering some of the show's burning questions, we got to find out that Nathan had "performance problems" during his first sexual encounter with Audrey. It was easily resolved (the subplot, not Nathan's performance issues) and had no impact whatsoever on the episode except to pad it out for 10 minutes.

But at the end, Perfect Audrey convinced him to give up and take the Troubles with him. We knew that Nathan would find his way back to Haven and be reunited with "his" Audrey, right?

If there was benefit to the crossover "synergy" of Syfy mixing wrestling with , it was getting Adam Copeland on the show.

I do wish they had answered some of the questions that was raised season. Haven got its happy ending, and hopefully most of the fans got their happy ending. The almost-one-year gap between seasons 5a and 5B might have gone on forever, but hopefully it gave the producers time to write out a decent series finale that touched all of the bases, even if it hit a triple rather than a home run. But thanks to staff (@gathard and @tvcom_editorial, primarily) for promoting the reviews so often. It's the sentimental "love will conquer all and power the Barn" touch-feely stuff that King hasn't done in... In that there's a big climax, some people live and some people die (Duke and Dave), then a "postlude" where things go back to more-or-less normal. Audra comes out of her coma, Stu and Frannie have a kid that doesn't drop dead of Cap'n Trips. Ok so i just finished watching haven and yes i know im late to the party lol the ending was good not great but hey they tried, i think. All and all not terrible but the show deserved a better send off So I've had some free time to kill and with all this holiday season TV hiatus, I started a full on Haven marathon not skipping a single episode and all.

Thanks to my co-reviewer @Llostris for her reviews. At least the didnt just cancle it without any resolution. Must say, that knowing how it all ends and how some of the earlier seasons' lose ends are tied up makes for a brand new but rather good experience.

Thanks to everyone who read and/or posted their own thoughts here. Well, he'd probably burn that thousand-dollar bill Syfy sends him as a royalty payment each month to light his cigar, laugh heartily, and go back to writing "Bazaar of Bag of Bones" or whatever he's working on these days. in the end there were definitely good characters that got screwed like dave and duke who were killed in the last part of the series they could have brought these characters back along with others like jennifer or Charlotte while Croatan was going around making copys of people like "the cleaner" dwight's daughter lizzy who has been long dead since we met him in season 2, but instead they leave duke as a ghost and only metion jennifer and charlotte but never talked about dave who was a major character but hey at least audry and nathan get a happyish ending where she comes back as comes back as paige but where did baby james come from that much time hasnt passed or at least it didnt seem like it from the way nathan and gloria were talking about duke just before he meets paige and without the teoubles to bond over how do we know they end up together? And watching 'Forever' for a second time made the whole Audrey must leave, but here's Paige thing work so much better and kind of less bittersweet and more like awww, that's so sweet.

The spirit of Stephen King wearing that peacoat jacket that the Uffi wear in Dwight got his happy ending, reunited with a copy of his dead daughter and fishing with his wrestling buddy Mc Hugh/Christian.

I'm a little unclear: was Mc Hugh in on the "shoot Dwight and hope he survives because of his Trouble and his BP vest" plan? One suspects that even the producers had forgotten a lot of what they added in. " I also would have liked to see some of the minor characters come back.

Did the producers answer every question raised in the last five years? Given the increasingly convoluted backstory they kept adding... And bringing in past characters for cameos like Nicole De Boer's was their way of telling fans, "Nah, we didn't forget everything before season 5! Lynette from "Double Jeopardy" would now be free from the painting of Lady Justice, right?

Will Brady ("Last Goodbyes") could or couldn't come out of his coma? Overall, though, Nathan and Audrey got their happy ending (even if Paige seems like a ditz), Duke got about as happy ending as you could expect given the death visions. I would rather staff had written them, just because that would have gotten higher visibility and more people would have participated. Still, the final episode felt a lot like a mid-period King novel.