Outlook users who migrate to will have a much easier time: add the mailbox to your profile and move, copy, or import your old data into the new mailbox.No more saving the calendar as an ics and importing it at

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Outlook's auto-account setup correctly configured the account as an Exchange account.

When your account is migrated, you'll need to remove the account from Outlook and add it back to your profile as an Exchange account. The Outlook Connector will not work once the account is migrated.

How to add or remove an email account Not everyone who was moved feels as lucky, unfortunately, and once the account is moved, it cannot be moved back to the old interface.

This isn't like the migration from Hotmail's interface to where you could switch back and forth between the old and new interfaces - once the account is moved into Office 365, it stays in Office 365. It's expected that by spring 2016, every user will using the Office 365 interface.

Basically, everything that Outlook 2013 EAS users complained about is fixed by the switch to Office 365.

As a bonus, the mailbox will sync to multiple computers much better.

Rules and some (but not all) settings are stored in the mailbox and will be available on other computers.

Update July 8 2016: Migration is going a little slower than expected.

People sharing calendars or using the address to sign into their Windows phone are still waiting to be moved (and will be moved last) but others not constrained by either of those issues are still waiting.

Currently, Microsoft expects to have all moved before their announced deadline of August 31 2016.

Microsoft started moving users to the Office 365 interface earlier this week.