Click Image To Enlarge Big title with gift title in the past, has provided a sensational topic to Rainbow fans, we will re-appearance after a long time as a bonus title of “CATCH THE RAINBOW”.Gem release at that time, were allowed to startle the Rainbow mania of Japan.

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Who had been listening to this program in real time, those who do not also, and this one is that you will remember the vivid surprise!

The sound source, intended when featured Ritchie Blackmore and RAINBOW was held in the radio program, recording’s popularity is gift released (in the past the same was Kyoki the WHITESNAKE mania and old “BBC ENCORE SPECIAL” it is recorded in accordance with the present taper of JUDAS PIREST was also “GOLDEN LIVE STAGE”).

The have met with great sound broadcasting at the time just this thing easy to imagine.

Clearness and freshness of the sound, such as listening to a broadcast in real time in a rarity, receive state hiss also do not mind most, a sense of stability, such as the master copy.

Even pressed on CD remains if this is the best take of what discomfort no wonder. And radio jingles, come jumping out suddenly bluesy CM theme song too unique, too!

The song that this pops out first in an attempt to listen to RAINBOW also it would be a surprise. Is placed on the BGM good sentiment, and commented that “You are about to enter ten months already.Disbanded after DEEP PURPLE”, and invite you to ’35 before hand to hear from the tone that DJ is calm smooth at the beginning.Announcement as per DJ called “I think it started to unpublished tapes of live in Japan RAINBOW, that it’ll let you enjoy the guitar work that shakes the land of Ritchie Blackmore” you hear on the show beginning, ’76 years in this program than RAINBOW first visit to Japan tour, people (Kanto region, which will be broadcast live recordings of Osaka welfare Pension Hall of December 8 is estimated to be I was listening to the radio broadcast takes Osaka concert for the first time in this broadcast probably ).Speaking of radio sound source on the same day, it has been heard in the already issued many titles such as “TIME STANDING STILL”.I think this sound source is a program that became Omoto of the air check.Just because an FM source, of Osaka performances there is no unnatural fade and head missing, RAINBOW fans will have standing Iromeki involuntarily.