" Nor, despite framing women as "people that are here so men have someone to date," did anyone bother to get clarity on how the candidates felt about women's access to sexual health care that dating necessitates.Indeed, any woman-specific issues were pointedly ignored, according to the There was nothing of note said about the heated subject of women’s health — about efforts in Washington and state capitols around the country including in Denver to shutter reproductive health and abortion clinics, to defund Planned Parenthood, to restrict access to contraception at state clinics, about the hardline anti-abortion “personhood” proposal likely to land on Colorado voter ballots this year — nothing on domestic violence policies and protections, university campus sexual harassment and assault, equal opportunities at school and in the workplace, discriminatory insurance policies, affordable day care, or even in any depth gender disparities in pay — the subject this week of national headlines after the firing of New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson.

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He would have to become a Swedish citizen in order to become a Duke, something that it is thought will happen ahead of the summer nuptials.

Princess Madeleine's wedding is likely to play host to around 500 guests, and will be less lavish than the 1,000 strong celebration held when Crown Princess Victoria, 35, married her former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, in 2010.

In an effort to get a little more attention to their flagging campaigns, three primary contenders for the Republican gubernatorial nomination in Colorado decided to have a debate Tuesday night on the topic of "Women and Colorado's Future." Candidates Bob Beauprez, Mike Kopp, and Scott Gessler all attended, while Tom Tancredo, who is way ahead of the rest of them in the polls, was able to turn his nose up to this whole charade and stay at home.

After 12 months of royal revelry that was the Queen's Jubilee year and the excitement of Wills and Kate's wedding, the people of Britain - and the world - have been rather overcome with a new fondness for all things royal.

The 30-year-old princess and her 38-year-old fiance will wed on 8 June in the church inside Stockholm's gilded royal palace, its opulent interior cast in Carrara marble with sweeping staircases, and ornate columns.

The couple announced their engagement via the Swedish royal family's website in October, and accompanied the news with an intimate black and white engagement portrait shot by renowned French photographer Patrick Demarchelier.Then the portrait drew comparisons with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's similarly intimate Mario Testino shot - a relationship of a blue blood and a non-royal that echoes the Swedish couple's in more ways than one.The debate was hosted on the extremely friendly grounds of Colorado Christian University, and a panel of women shared the stage with the candidates, peppering them with questions.Unfortunately for anyone watching this, the moderator and the panelists did not follow through on the game show conceit.No one was asked, "If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be?" or "What are three things that you want to happen on a first date?