Our ability to move, think, perceive, is dependent on a timely transmission of information among specialized cells called neurons.This information is sent via a series of electrical impulses that travel along specialized structures called "axons", whose ability to conduct signal is dependent on the presence of "myelin".

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Gene variants that control phenotypes are typically discovered by combined linkage analysis and molecular validation.

However, these genotype-phenotype associations do not expose the underlying causal pathways through which gene variants operate on phenotypes.

We are exploring genomic and computational approaches to uncover the causal pathways through which genetic loci influence phenotypes and predict the effects of genetic and transcriptional variations/interventions on gene expression and physiological/behavioral phenotypes of individuals with different genetic backgrounds.

We believe research towards this direction will ultimately lead to the development of the computational methods that enable personalized predictive genetics and medicine.

Oligodendrocytes originate from neural stem cells that undergo several changes before reaching the stage of late maturation.

The laboratory is working in major I am interested in translational research in regenerative and personalized medicine. Casaccia's segment on Neuro Pod Multiple sclerosis patient-derived CSF induces transcriptional changes in proliferating oligodendrocyte progenitors.

With the help of my team we made several contributions to elucidating the molecular mechanisms responsible for oligodendrocyte differentiation and myelin formation during development. Haines JD, Vidaurre OG, Zhang F, Riffo-Campos ÁL, Castillo J, Casanova B, Casaccia P, Lopez-Rodas G.

Elucidating causal pathways bridging genotype and phenotype is one of the fundamental challenges in genetic and genomic research.

There has been great expectation that knowledge of an individual’s genotype will provide a basis for assessing susceptibility to diseases and designing individualized therapy.