Mindfire has deep experience developing In Design and Acrobat plug-ins on both Windows and Mac OS X.We describe some of these Acrobat and In Design plug-in development project experiences below, and will be glad to share our expertise in detail with you.Postgre SQL DB, g SOAP, Wx Widgets, Adobe In Design/In Copy CS2, COM, Mac OSX and Windows XP These are crucial components of a n-tier architecture based Client-Server Enterprise Product.

updating plugins for indesign cs2-88

C++, Acrobat API, Mac OS X API An Acrobat plug-in which allows architects and designers to download and save drawing in . The plug-in needed Acrobat 4/5 compatibility, and run native on Mac OS X.

Another requirement was to Reader-enable the plugin to work in Acrobat Reader.

C++, XML, HTTP, Windows, Mac OSX, In Design CS2, CS3 SDK, Quark Xpress 6, 7 XDK The objective of Adobe In Design and Quark Xpress Layout Converter/Exporter is to convert or export the Layout Contents and Geometry into XML format.

It is to export layout contents like Text Story and Images in the current document along with their respective styles as XML.

The Plug-in or XTension also provides a palette to display the list of tagged text and an interface to Tag or un Tag the selected text or page-item.

In Design, Third Party Dictionaries/Libraries, Mac, Windows 1.Spell Checker is an In Design plugin which provides enhanced spelling functionality.These plug-ins also carry out bi-directional communication to/fro with a Wx Widgets-based client application.Adobe In Copy, XML-RPC, C++, Visual C++, Code Warrior, Mac OSX, Win XP, Perforce This is an Adobe In Copy plug-in for updating files on the Server-side via XMLRPC (using xmlrpc-c).This involved working with Tags, XMP information handling etc.This plugin formed the basis of a Web-based Content Update Software. We re-developed the plug-in with feature enhancements and bug fixes.